Kitelife has always been proficient in taking care of you and your family. We used our year long knowledge and experience to make unforgettable journeys and adventures. Locations were carefully picked, programs were made by professionals and our quality speaks for itself. We do everything with such immense dedication out of one important reason – we care. And because we care, we decided to make your journey even more colorful.

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.

(Charles R. Swindoll)

Because we care!

We are aware that children are little people, with their own personalities, likes, dislikes and that each child has the potential to become someone extraordinary. Children must always evolve and expand their talents, creativity, imagination and all other traits that build their unique little personalities and make them who they are. Help your child make unforgettable memories and expand their abilities all while having the perfect vacation with you and your family!-

We introduce to you the brand new Kitelife Kids’n’fun program!

What do we offer?

You can leave your child in our care. He or she will be taken care of by our experienced caretakers. We offer English/German/French lessons two/three times a week, workshops, kids movie night, different outdoor activities and fun (treasure hunts, board games, activity games), face painting, dressing up, painting and coloring, field trips, and so much more. While you are enjoying your kitesurfing or any other activity (depending on the day), you can be sure that your children will be enjoying their hours much more.

Learning with fun

We put an emphasis on “learning with fun”. Our caretakers will be leading the workshops on English and thus improving and familiarizing your child with the language whose knowledge of is crucial for their success later in life. Just imagine, having fun, enjoying the mesemerizing Sicily and knowing that your child is actually using this time to improve a language! You have a full package!

Price: Everyday care with three days language learning = 90eur. FREE IF YOU ARE TAKING THE BEGINNER COURSE.


Lucija Živković Lucija is as law student and works on the side as an english teacher in the Daycare “mačak u čizmama“. She has TOEFL(english), C1(german) certificates and is preparing for her french certificate. With her Daycare job and as the oldest of six children she loves working with children and is more than qualified to take care of yours.

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