The morning started early. We woke up with the sound of wind and the sun shining. After breakfast, we left to the spot. The first theoretic kitesurfing lesson followed. After mastering the theory, it was time to practice on land- preparing the bar, stretching the ropes, inflating kites, getting to know saftey systems and real lashing. After the first training on water, it became pretty clear how the kite works and how it raises up from the water, stays in the air and moves with it. We practiced that and a lot more the next day and also learned body dragging. During all courses we had instructors from Surfmotion Team by our side. They closely watched us and accompanied us.

Beginners were advancing fast and they were learning pretty good. The third day some people already rode for a few meters. In the following days they were already rideing and some of them even in deep water. The final result was that most of the students ride with kite, some of them better than others.

The conditions for learning were really good, since the wind was already blowing strong when we woke up. With good food, drinks and company, there was always enough power and energy for learning. We had dinner in various different restaurants, where everyone could find something they liked. After the dinner, drinking peppermint tea and having a conversation felt great. Hotel animation team made really good animation shows and we usualy extended our night in the discoteque.

But one party was really memorable. In the late afternon we took a boat to an island in the middle of Soma Bay. There was already everything prepared for the open air discoteque, with a DJ and a lightshow under the starry sky. It was an excellent combination of party and romance. Last but not least, we got served really good food and drinks.
The week passed too fast. It was great and no doubt, will it stay in our minds forever.

Congratulations all the beginners and others. You were a great team. We hope that we see each other again!

Kitelife Team


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