On the way to the airport, the sun accompanied us and stayed with us for the whole week making us warm every day. We expected a lot of new adventures so time flew by fast and calm. On the way to the bus from Hurghada to the hotel, a soft warm wind blew into our hair and drew a smile on our faces. And with that increased the impatience and the wish to kitesurf.

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High Life is a documentary reality show full of adrenaline and action in which we discover the secrets of professional kitesurfing as well as sightseeing and revealing the beauties of Egypt. Through the show, you will be hosted by Anja Bohinc and journalist Lea Mederal, who have always traveled with a mission and a goal. You will accompany Anja as she starts to learn kitesurfing in the hot and windy gulf of Soma Bay, where, with the help of professional kitesurfers, she will be conquering the wind. Lea will lead you to discover many interesting places, sights, traditions and the life style on the North-east Africa.

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Adventures that get the blood pumping with adrenaline have always attracted me. From windsurfing to freestyle kitesurfing and mega loops, jumping the Golden Rat and so on, I've done it all, but after some time you get bored. At the beginning, everything is interesting and exciting, but once we cross the line, it all becomes very dull. That is why I'm always in pursuit for something new, something that has not been achieved yet, something more...

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