Sicily Lo Stagnone - Italy

The Bella Sicilia, as the italians call her. Once you arrive there, the name is completely justified. Sicily-Kitelife Village is our own place where you can belong as well. The hotel, apartments and kitelife house are just a step away from the beach (and the kite spot). From your balcony you can see the conditions on the water. During the Kitelife term, the whole place is reserved just for us, which makes only one thing certain - great atmosphere. We organize many group dinners, picnics on the beach and interesting trips on the island. There are also much more favorable airline tickets couple of months before departure. Sign up now , you'll get the cheapest ticket and as the icing on the cake, even a sea view..

Wind and Spot - The wind statistic in our term shows 70%-80% above 15 knots. The wind is constant and blows throughout the entire day. The kite spot is a few steps away from the hotel and has an endless lagoon with clear flat water. We will organize a downwind trip throughout the entire lagoon where we will rest in the place 'Marsala'. For everyone interested in kiting on waves and for real wavers, we organize trips to the best Wave spot on Sicily (Pozziteddu), which is only 48km away.

Chosen Location - Kitelife village has it all! Constant wind, shallow water, exquisite cuisine and so much more. It is suitable for Sport enthusiasts, groups, families, gourmets and people in want of adventures.

Transportation - Flight from European cities to Trapani can be arranged, as well as the transfer from the airport to the village. A road trip to the kite spot in Lo Stagnone, by a ferry, can also be easily arranged.

Food & Shops - On the spot there is a restaurant with Italian cuisine. Nearby, you can have your choice of various cuisines and prices. (fish, meat, greens,...). There is also a shop where you can acquire anything else. We are going to organize picnics on the beach where you can eat excellent food and enjoy even more excellent company.

Families and non-kiters - It’s not all about Kitesurfing. You will enjoy the many various activities that the location offers. Our goal is for everyone to enjoy their time to the fullest. Of course, there is always a free introducing course of kitesurfing suitable even for the youngest members of our group.

Fun and Relaxation - You will be able to relax on the many beautiful beaches, secluded gulfs, enjoy the amazing spa, or simply enjoy the exquisite Italian cuisine. Hangouts on the water and outside of it, trips to the lonely island, a tour of Solin and a presentation of the centuries-old Solinian tradition, beach volleyball, sailing around the nearby islands, using SUP on the endless lagoon and evening animation in Italian style.

Kitelife kids'n'fun - While parents are Kitesurfing, children are having fun in the top quality childcare that involves a lot of interesting activities. While you are enjoying your time to the fullest, your children will as well.

Certified Kitesurfing school  - We have international and national certification. Our instructors are internationally certified. Kitelife school has a tradition from 2007. Experienced and always happy instructors will teach you all the basics of kitesurfing in the beginner course for which no previous experience is needed. Kitesurfing knowledge can be upgraded with advanced courses where you can get an unforgettable adrenalin rush with high, long and attractive jumps.

Equipment - you don't have your own equipment? No problem! We can lend you the equipment or give you advice if you want to buy new one.


Šola Kajtanja

Kitelife Hotel ***+ (Santa Maria Resort Lo Stagnone)

The completely new hotel, built in the summer of 2014. on a ideal location, only 50 m away from the spot. In the morning a real Sicilian breakfast will be awaiting you, after the meal is finished, you can simply take a walk to the spot and drink coffee while waiting for the perfect kiting conditions to arise. The rooms in the higher parts have a view of the sea/spot, the lower rooms have a large balcony with a garden and deck chairs. In front of the hotel, there is a pool for relaxation as well as with toys for the young ones. The rooms include TV, mini bar,

If the suggested dates does not suit you, please send us an email and we will find you the best option that works for you. Included: Breakfast, towels change, cleaning. In case you are travelling alone, we can find a room mate or you can pay for the single bed option (100% extra charge).

Date 2-bed room - price per person 3-bed room - price per person
1.7. - 11.7.2018 530€ 420€
11.7. - 22.7.2018 580€ 460€
1.7. - 22.7.2018 1100€ 880€
Extra payment: Flight ticket to Trapani = 90€ - 120€, transfer to the airport in Trst = 50€, touristic tax 2€ / person / day.

Kitelife Apartments (Santa Maria Resort Lo Stagnone)

Great location, 50m from the spot. From your terrace you can have follow the happenings on the spot. Sicilian nature will provide you with sun in the afternoon and intimate evenings for uninterrupted romance. All apartments have half furnished kitchen and balcony/terrace. Apartments in the first line have a seaside view. Children up to 6 years old have can have an extra bed installed free of charge. We recommend these apartments for groups. Rooms include a smaller TV, air conditioning and WI-Fi. Nearby is an Italian restaurant, bar and a shop.

If the suggested dates does not suit you, please send us an email and we will find you the best option that works for you. In case you are travelling alone, we can find a room mate or you can pay for the single bed option (full apartment price).

Date Apartment, 2 + 1 persons Apartment, 2 + 2 persons Apartment, 4 + 2 persons
1.7. - 11.7.2018 945€ - sea view 1100€ - sea view
945€ - garden view
1420€ - sea view
1260€ - garden view
11.7. - 22.7.2018 1040€ - sea view 1210€ - sea view
1040€ - garden view
1560€ - sea view
1386€ - garden view
1.7. - 22.7.2018 1980€ - sea view 2300€ - sea view
1950€ - garden view
2976€ - sea view
2600€ - garden view

Extra payment: Flight ticket to Trapani = 90€ - 120€, transfer to the airport in Trst = 50€, touristic tax 1€ / person / day, final cleaning 40€ / 60€ / 80€.

Kitesurfing courses & equipment rental

Duration of kitesurfing courses depend on weather conditions and fitness of course participants. In beginner courses, equipment rental with harness is included. If you use your own, you will receive 25% discount on all beginner courses. Kitelife Lycra: All course participants can buy Kitelife Lycra at a discount price 20€.

Course / Rent Price Equipment included Days / hours
5 day beginner course 400€ YES 5 days / 2,5h daily / group of 2
5 day beginner course - PREMIUM 740€ YES 5 days / 3h daily / individual
Extra day of school 50€ YES 2,5h / group of 2
3 day beginner course 250€ YES 3 days / 2,5h daily / group of 2
2 days refreshing course 100€ NO 2 days / 2h daily
Freestyle or advanced 200€ NO 5 or 6 days / 2h daily
Private lessons 50€ / 80€ NO / YES 1h
Equipment rental 300€ Board, 2x kite, harness 7 days

Excursion & extra offer

Depending on the weather conditions, we will organize extra activities for no-wind days or for your non-kiting partners. Working closely with local agencies.

Activity Price / duration Included
Trip to Erice 25€ / 4h Guide & transfer
Motor boat trip to Favignana, swimming, city tour 40€ / 6h Guide, boat, mooring, transfer, gas
City tour Marsala 20€ / 5h Guide, transfer, welcome drink
Pasta night / Fish picnic / Pizza 10€ / 2h Main & side dish



Hot sun, endless lagoons, stady wind, best people, wild parties, best instructors that give advice and take care for you even if you are not taking the course... all in one or two memorable weeks. And than "addiction" starts! ;)

Vida Kekec,

I was a long-time windsurfer. Kitesurfing was just an observation , until I met the guys from Kitelife. They inspired me, and not long after, I did a beginner course in Egypt. With their experience, help and tricks, progression was really fast. Quickly I started to enjoy this extreme sport. In two years I did 4 trips with Kitelife. There is always great progress with kitesurfng skills, great company and very interesting activities to do :)

Luc Simien,

Trips with the Kitelife team are always full of fun! Meeting new interesting people, relaxed atmosphere and learning to kitesurf with experienced instructors is an unforgettable experience every time! Keep up the good work! :=)

Sreco Zupan,

Physical condition is a very important part of extreme sport and excellent preventive measure against injuries. Kite life is very good at preparing kiters, before they go to water, to ride and do extreme tricks and to whit stand all efforts in kitesurfing.

Sports Center Olimpus,

You can not do special things with ordinary people :) The most beautiful moments never happened in our dreams. For me, kitesurfing means escape from everyday routine to sea, sun and wind - freedom and pure pleasure.
Live, laugh, love, kite - Kitelife :)

Tatiana Miller,

Whenever I travel with Kitelife, all things are sorted out. I prepare my luggage and stay out of worries till I get back home :) Kite spot Soma Bay it is my favourite, especially for the good wind conditions, safe lagoon and exquisite hotel just a few steps away from the kite spot.

Boris Fischer,

Proven places where there is no shortage for wind, fun, hanging out and meeting new friendships! Kitelife, you are the greatest!

Marc Garder,

I am absolutely carefree when I go on a trip with Kitelife. I know that the guys will take care of accommodation and that luggage and kitesurfing equipment will be waiting for me in the kite center when I get there. Great company is guaranteed!

Bogomir Amon,

I would especially like to compliment the beginner course with Alex. He is an instructor that adapts the course to physical condition, acquired knowledge and desires of a student. He has great pedagogical approach, patient and clear explanations with great motivational techniques. Student can really enjoy and progress very fast. I will definitely attend one more kite course with Alex and recommend him as the best instructor for all who would like to learn kitesurfing. All compliments to Alex and thanks for a great course!

Barbara Scott,

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