Introduction course Portorose - Slovenia

Get to know the most popular and extreme sport in the world and fly with the wind!

It's time for new adventures! Speed, adrenalin and unforgettable moments somewhere in the sky. Kitesurfing provides and even more. It is an extreme sport that is very safe if you follow certain rules. If you want to get to know it, here is the perfect chance to make first steps into the world of extreme with experinced instructors.

Kitelife is organizing these introducing courses for those, who are curious about kitesurfing and do not know if this is the right sport for them, and for those who would like to know the essential things about kitesurfing.

Dates: are posted on the front page and on the application form.

Location and access: Portorose, Slovenia - wild beach Seča near the "Ribič" restaurant. Parking at the entrance of the Lucija Camp, where a member of the Kitelife team will lead you to the spot.

Equipment: The equipment is taken care of by the Kitelife team. We advise you to come dressed sportly. Swim suit is not required, because we are not getting into the water during the course. We suggest you to use sun protection (hat, sunscreen,…)

Special offer: Do you want to offer a new experience to your co-workers (teambuilding) or a special birthday gift on the sea? We are always eager for new ideas! Contact us and make a reservation.

Price: 99€ / per person.


  • Theory (wind and weather conditions, location - kite spot).
  • Getting to know the equipment (board, kite, bar, lines).
  • Practice with trainer kite (position of the kite, riding, exercises, tricks).
  • Practice with smaller-sized kite with the help of a instructor.
  • Independent kite launch and kite landing.

Discount – all of the course participants are getting 5% of discount on the next kite school (Egypt, Sicily, etc...)

All the additional information will be sent on the e-mail address that you will provide on the application. In case of bad weather conditions, the introduction course will be postponed on the next day or weekend. We will inform you of the time on your e-mail.

Direct contact: Alex, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +386 31 853 251.



Hot sun, endless lagoons, stady wind, best people, wild parties, best instructors that give advice and take care for you even if you are not taking the course... all in one or two memorable weeks. And than "addiction" starts! ;)

Vida Kekec,

I was a long-time windsurfer. Kitesurfing was just an observation , until I met the guys from Kitelife. They inspired me, and not long after, I did a beginner course in Egypt. With their experience, help and tricks, progression was really fast. Quickly I started to enjoy this extreme sport. In two years I did 4 trips with Kitelife. There is always great progress with kitesurfng skills, great company and very interesting activities to do :)

Luc Simien,

Trips with the Kitelife team are always full of fun! Meeting new interesting people, relaxed atmosphere and learning to kitesurf with experienced instructors is an unforgettable experience every time! Keep up the good work! :=)

Sreco Zupan,

Physical condition is a very important part of extreme sport and excellent preventive measure against injuries. Kite life is very good at preparing kiters, before they go to water, to ride and do extreme tricks and to whit stand all efforts in kitesurfing.

Sports Center Olimpus,

You can not do special things with ordinary people :) The most beautiful moments never happened in our dreams. For me, kitesurfing means escape from everyday routine to sea, sun and wind - freedom and pure pleasure.
Live, laugh, love, kite - Kitelife :)

Tatiana Miller,

Whenever I travel with Kitelife, all things are sorted out. I prepare my luggage and stay out of worries till I get back home :) Kite spot Soma Bay it is my favourite, especially for the good wind conditions, safe lagoon and exquisite hotel just a few steps away from the kite spot.

Boris Fischer,

Proven places where there is no shortage for wind, fun, hanging out and meeting new friendships! Kitelife, you are the greatest!

Marc Garder,

I am absolutely carefree when I go on a trip with Kitelife. I know that the guys will take care of accommodation and that luggage and kitesurfing equipment will be waiting for me in the kite center when I get there. Great company is guaranteed!

Bogomir Amon,

I would especially like to compliment the beginner course with Alex. He is an instructor that adapts the course to physical condition, acquired knowledge and desires of a student. He has great pedagogical approach, patient and clear explanations with great motivational techniques. Student can really enjoy and progress very fast. I will definitely attend one more kite course with Alex and recommend him as the best instructor for all who would like to learn kitesurfing. All compliments to Alex and thanks for a great course!

Barbara Scott,

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