Brazil - Ilha do Guajiru

Endless sandy beaches and conditions to please every taste - wave, ocean & flat water with almost 100% wind statistics. White Wind Resort will be our home, new and modernly equipped Pousada, which lies exactly on the entrance of the kitesurfing lagoon. The Resort offers all commodities for a careless vacation. The rooms have terraces with loungers, warm water, LCD, air conditioning, and there is both possibility of half pension or full pension. The location stands as a wonderful starting point for all excursions to Brasilian spots. On the spot are the always smiling and helpful “beach boys” with, of course, a kite compressor. We are flying with a direct flight from Milan, Venice, Frankfurt, Muenchen and other major airports.

Wind & Spot - The statistic of the wind in our term is 90% over 15 knots. The wind is constant and blows the entire day. The Kite spot is next to the Hotel and has an endlessly large lagoon with calm and flat water. At the lagoon, the sea & wave spot is waiting for you.

Excursions - Paracuru Wave spot, Jericoacoara is a charming fisherman's wharf with powerful wind and unforgettable vibe, lagoons close to our pousada, by request we can also do some downwind, for experienced kiters - the downwind Amulfalla is necessary.

Downwind Amulfalia - Start on the beach Amulfalla and ride downwind to Ilha do Guajiru, the length of the route is 12 km. Unforgettable experience with a start on the open sea and continues over beautiful lagoons surrounded by mangroves and wildlife. After crossing the lagoon we enter the open sea again all the way to a small beach “Secret Spot”, which is near the Ilha lagoon - one more kilometre and we have reached our goal. What are we waiting for, let’s go!

Kitesurfing school  - Experienced, always smiling and certified instructors are going to, on the beginners course for which you do not need any kind of knowledge, teach you the basics of managing and driving a kite. You can easily evolve your knowledge with further / freestyle courses, which will make your blood run through your veins with long, high and attractive jumps over water. In Brazil, we offer the possibility of wave course, because the conditions are ideal for first steps, as well as for the more advanced.

Equipment - You don’t have your own equipment? No problem! We can lend you the entire equipment and advise you on the reasonable choice while buying.

Early bird - Price of flight ticket (cca. 650€) is most favourable 3 - 4 months before leaving. The application is easy, you fill in the online application, choose all wanted options, we send you the documents in e-mail and we are ready to fly:)

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Šola Kajtanja

White Wind Resort - Tripadvisor ***** + Jericoacoara

The newly built hotel directly on the beach / spot with its own freshwater pool. Next to the sea, each morning a true and hearty breakfast will be waiting for you (included in the price), after the meal you only need to blow your kite with a compressor. The rooms have a sea view / spot, terrace, loungers. Rooms are equipped with TV, mini bar, air conditioning, Wi-Fi connection, lay stools.

Included: breakfast, cleaning, towel change, afternoon tea / coffee. In the case that you are applying alone, we can find you easily a roommate or you can be in a room alone (100% surcharge).

Date 25.10. - 8.11.2021 / 14 night Twin bedroom / price per person Halfboard extra charge All inclusive extra charge
Deluxe room with side ocean view 840€ 210€ 350€
Deluxe rooms with sea view and terrace 910€ 210€ 350€
Deluxe rooms with separate living and bed room 980€ 210€ 350€
Ocean front suite 1190€ 210€ 350€

Extra charge: Flight ticket = 700€+, JEEP transfer Fortaleza - Jericoacoara - Ilha do Guajiru - Fortaleza = 220€

Kitesurfing courses & equipment rental

Duration of kitesurfing courses depend on weather conditions and fitness of course participants. In beginner courses, equipment rental with harness is included. If you use your own, you will receive 25% discount on all beginner courses. Kitelife Lycra: All course participants can buy Kitelife Lycra at a discount price 20€.

Course / Rent Price Equipment included Days / hours
5 day beginner course 550€ YES 5 days / 2,5h daily / group of 2
5 day beginner course - PREMIUM 1100€ YES 5 days / 3h daily / individual
Extra day of school 100€ YES 2,5h / group of 2
2 days refreshing course 100€ NO 2 days / 2h daily
Freestyle or advanced 200€ NO 5 or 6 days / 2h daily
Private lessons 80€ / 120€ NO / YES 1h
Equipment rental 350€ Board, 2x kite, harness 7 days

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