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For more than 10 years we are successfully organizing trips to carefully chosen destinations with excellent wind statistics, ideal kitesurfing conditions and many other activities. Our kitesurfing course was passed and enjoyed by more than 400 students. Sea, sun and fun => Kitelife

Dates Location Price Activities
All year / 3h Portorose Slovenia 79€    
22.4. - 6.5.2024 Bol Brač "Active week" 300€+ All Inclusive   
20.5. - 30.5.2024 Tarifa Spain 1500€+ Hotel, Car, Flight      
1.6. - 7.9.2024 Bol Brač Summer Season 500€+ All Inclusive   
1.5. - 1.10.2024 Kite & Sail Dalmatia 800€+   
14.9. - 21.9.2024 Luxury Kite Cruise Egypt 1500€+ All Inclusive      
21.9. - 28.9.2024 El Gouna Egypt 1229€+ All Inclusive      
1.10. - 1.11.2024 Kite & Sail Croatia - Cabins 1000€+   
15.1. – 1.2.2025 Capetown South Africa 1500€+   



Selected locations

Throughout years of experience, we thoroughly checked every location and its weather conditions just to find the ideal kiting spots. It is no coincidence, that on our trips, conditions are always perfect for kitesurfing and learning=> we make sure that they are , so that you can be completely carefree.


Great company

Age is just a number, the profession is just a title, the status is just a category. We are all a big sporty family and everyone is invited to be a part of it!


Families and non – kiters

It’s not all about kitesurfing. You will enjoy the many various activities that the location offers. Our goal is for everyone to enjoy their time to the fullest. Of course, there is always a free introducing course of kitiesurfing suitable even for the youngest members of our group.


Animation and trips

No wind? No problem! Through down days (no-wind days) we organize many activities such as boat-trips, sand-dune safaris, beach volley tournaments, picnics or eating in best local restaurants, and that’s just to name a few.

Certified kite school

Since 2007. Kitelife has been improving and evolving to be the best kiting school and trip-organizer you could acquire. We have international and national certification and our main objective is your happiness and because we are the best, we make it our mission for you to completely enjoy your time with us.


Hot sun, endless lagoons, stady wind, best people, wild parties, best instructors that give advice and take care for you even if you are not taking the course... all in one or two memorable weeks. And than "addiction" starts! ;)

Vida Kekec,

I was a long-time windsurfer. Kitesurfing was just an observation , until I met the guys from Kitelife. They inspired me, and not long after, I did a beginner course in Egypt. With their experience, help and tricks, progression was really fast. Quickly I started to enjoy this extreme sport. In two years I did 4 trips with Kitelife. There is always great progress with kitesurfng skills, great company and very interesting activities to do :)

Luc Simien,

Trips with the Kitelife team are always full of fun! Meeting new interesting people, relaxed atmosphere and learning to kitesurf with experienced instructors is an unforgettable experience every time! Keep up the good work! :=)

Sreco Zupan,

Physical condition is a very important part of extreme sport and excellent preventive measure against injuries. Kite life is very good at preparing kiters, before they go to water, to ride and do extreme tricks and to whit stand all efforts in kitesurfing.

Sports Center Olimpus,

You can not do special things with ordinary people :) The most beautiful moments never happened in our dreams. For me, kitesurfing means escape from everyday routine to sea, sun and wind - freedom and pure pleasure.
Live, laugh, love, kite - Kitelife :)

Tatiana Miller,

Whenever I travel with Kitelife, all things are sorted out. I prepare my luggage and stay out of worries till I get back home :) Kite spot Soma Bay it is my favourite, especially for the good wind conditions, safe lagoon and exquisite hotel just a few steps away from the kite spot.

Boris Fischer,

Proven places where there is no shortage for wind, fun, hanging out and meeting new friendships! Kitelife, you are the greatest!

Marc Garder,

I am absolutely carefree when I go on a trip with Kitelife. I know that the guys will take care of accommodation and that luggage and kitesurfing equipment will be waiting for me in the kite center when I get there. Great company is guaranteed!

Bogomir Amon,

I would especially like to compliment the beginner course with Alex. He is an instructor that adapts the course to physical condition, acquired knowledge and desires of a student. He has great pedagogical approach, patient and clear explanations with great motivational techniques. Student can really enjoy and progress very fast. I will definitely attend one more kite course with Alex and recommend him as the best instructor for all who would like to learn kitesurfing. All compliments to Alex and thanks for a great course!

Barbara Scott,


As much as we love what we design and build, we always remember that it's about the experience and the fun of the ride that matters most. It's about our connection with the water and the gear that get's us out there. It's the time at the beach and the friends we've made along the way that make all this hard work worth it. Lots more coming to this section soon.

Get out there and ride!!


Life is a journey. Kiteboarding has taken us to the best spots on the planet and allowed us to get to know the local kiters from all corners of the globe. At the same time we have been able to delve into the technology behind the products that we use on a daily basis and catch a glimpse behind the scenes of the kite industry. There are many interesting characters behind the products and it became clear to us, that CORE is not only made up of a team from the Fehmarn Island but instead is made up of people from the world’s beaches. Therefore we became a part of something much bigger.


Brunotti was founded from pure passion for boardsports and its lifestyle, and kiteboarding in specific. Because we have this passion for boardsports, we want to make these sports widely known and accessible. To accomplish this we are presenting meaningful products and innovations for everyone who enjoys the boardsports lifestyle, in summer and winter.


Mystic aimed to create a range of equipment that embraced modern technologies and techniques, which in combination with the riders’ natural physical skills would allow them to reach and even surpass their maximum potential. Mystic wanted to create products that push riders further, allowing riders to break all the existing boundaries and take the sport to a totally new level.


Picture is first of all the story of three friends coming from different environments.
Picture is a clear concept based on strong values:
A product conception the most eco-friendly as possible.
Unique creations, that you can notice easily thanks to a fresh and colorfull design, appreciated for their technicity and quality.
Street prices monitored, so that our products are a possible alternative to products that are non eco-friendly thanks to aligned prices.



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